REVILUTION is an original hard rock/metal band based in Moreno Valley, CA. It was formed in November of 2011 by Dan Seitz with the assistance of Marie B. REVILUTION released their first full-length album, “The Monster That Made The Man,” in 2012. Dan wrote all of the songs (except for the cover of “In The Year 2525), performed all of the instruments and vocals, and engineered and produced it, as well. In 2014 they released their second album, “Clues: $1,” this time with Marie co-writing much of the material, performing backing vocals, and singing all vocals on the track, “Betrayal (Stream Of Conscious).” Again, Dan played all of the instruments, and performed engineering and production duties. In 2015 they released a cassette-only EP titled, “Just The Tip.” It consisted of two remixed songs from “Clues: $1,” two new recordings of songs from “The Monster That Made The Man,” and a cover of Bread’s “Mother Freedom,” with Matthew Montoya of Radium playing bass on it. During that time they also released several singles, notably “Walking Dead” with Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Last In Line) on drums.

Phase Two of REVILUTION began when Dan and Marie began searching Craigslist for members so that they could perform live. The bassist and drummer they recruited didn’t last long, but Scott “Flash” Flint took on co-guitar duties and has been an invaluable member ever since. Eventually they found a suitable bassist and drummer, and then were signed by BSquared Management, who arranged for them to travel to World Famous Studios in Denver, CO, to record a three-song EP of songs selected from their previous releases. They then toured for a year, hitting venues in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and many other cities. At that point they began writing new material in anticipation of recording their album, and they are also rehearsing to begin performing live again very soon.

Our Members

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Scott Flint

Professional Guitarist Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Raised in SoCal. Currently Lead Guitarist, Vocalist For “Revilution”. Past Bands Include “Rampage In Link Flint” “The Mighty Paulpers Flash Flint” & “The Flames Flirt Dirty” “Just Us Kaboom” “Strong Arm Five Finger Funk” “Anderson Mast” “Funk-N-Roll”. Loves Touring, Traveling, Performing, Meeting New Fans And Making New Friends.

Favorite Bands Include “Judas Priest’ “Slayer” “Lamb of God” “MegaDeath” “Iron Maiden” “Pantera” “Athrax”, “Metallica”.

Dan Seitz

DOB: 04/03/1971

Position: Lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitar,
bass, songwriter

I grew up in Irwin, Idaho, and Apache Junction, Arizona. I took piano lessons from my grandmother starting at six years old. I took guitar class as an elective my junior year of high school, and taught myself to play drums at 20 years old when I was in the US Army.

I was a drummer in a cover band in Cortez, Colorado, from 2000 to 2011, and then moved to California to pursue my dream of an original rock/metal band. Marie B and I were introduced by my former guitarist in that cover band, and she subsequently moved to California to partner up with me for my new vision.

We recorded and released our first album, “The Monster That Made The Man,” in 2012, then our second album, “Clues: $1,” in 2014. In 2017 we decided to recruit more members so that we could perform live, which is when Scott Flint joined us.

After playing local shows for about a year, Scott hooked us up with BSquared Management, and then we went to World Famous Studios in Denver, Colorado to record a three-song EP. Upon our return home, we toured for another year, mostly hitting venues in Hollywood, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Then we went into a local studio and recorded two singles, both written by Scott, and we continue to work up new material to make a full album soon.

Darrell Tidwell

Started Playing Drums at age 7.

Played in school until 8th grade.

Played in several bands over the years.

He loves playing music as long as it remains fun.

Influences include bands like Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne, 

Judas Priest, Ronnie James Dio and many more.

Marie B

Marie Burgess has a long history with singing and performance, beginning in elementary school. Her class sang on the local Noonday show, but she didn’t really pursue her singing until later in High School with the church cantata, which required several live performances and rehearsals. In 2011 she met Dan Seitz through a mutual friend and they hit it off right away. 

When she heard the rough mixes of Dan’s songs he had posted on his Reverb Nation account, she heard real passion and talent in those diamond-in-the-rough recordings and wrote Dan a critique of one of the songs. He was amazed that she understood where he was coming from and told her so.Then, he said that he could be a whole band with a 16 track recorder. She bought him one on sale and within a month he had songs to release. 

Soon, she realized that if she was going to manage his music career she’d have to move to California, so Dan found her a house to rent and helped her relocate. Dan is a huge KISS fan so Marie said she’d get him a gig opening for them someday. Shortly after that she got a Tweet from Gene Simmons that he was hosting a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, the perfect way for her to connect him with Gene. 

While talking with the booker about Dan’s camp package, she ended up getting a lead singer package and singing a duet with Sebastian Bach which made Dan, in turn, discover her command for singing and performing. She also had a singing lesson with Kip Winger which she still uses today. 

They both learned a lot at Rock Fantasy Camp so they could make their rock and roll dream of world domination come true. When Dan and Marie first tried to put a band together to play the songs he’d written and done all the instrumental parts for, she sang all the parts so he could guide band auditions. 

Marie then bought a house and they both built a band studio in it. Her unconventional way of learning due to traumatic brain injury in a car accident when she was 16 ended up being the way she became the co creator of REVILUTION®️ in adulthood.